Thursday, October 22, 2009

OCTOBER Hudson Quadricentennial Countdown

This special monthly feature to The Tidal Zone blog recounts the highlights that led to Henry Hudson’s sail past the tidal marsh of what is now Yonkers’ Beczak Environmental Education Center on September 13, 1609.

October 1609—where is Henry Hudson?

The Half Moon is sailing south back down the “Muhheakunnuk” (later called the Hudson River). Hudson and his crew are cranky that the river is not a passage west to the Pacific and their bad mood bleeds into bad judgment. Near Peekskill, a native sneaks into the Half Moon’s cabin and is shot dead. The cook kills another as he attempts to climb aboard. As the ship nears Manhattan, about 100 natives chase the Half Moon by canoe. Hudson orders guns to be fired at them and several more natives are killed. The Half Moon reaches the mouth of the river on October 4 and sets sail across the Atlantic to home.

October 2009 finds the replica of the Half Moon right here, docked at the Yonkers Pier. I went aboard last week. As I walked down two small stairways, I swear I passed animal furs, muskets, sea chests, crockery and arrows. I found Captain Chip Reynolds in the hold eating stew while various guys in caps and woolen sweaters milled about. Now I know why it is called a full-scale time machine—what year was I in? Captain Reynolds will recount adventures as the 21st century’s Henry Hudson at Beczak Environmental Education Center this Saturday, October 24, at 7 PM. Life Aboard the Half Moon is $5—call 914 377-1900 x 13 for more information.

Lenore Person
Marketing and Communications Manager

Wind back the clock and follow the events that lead to the Half Moon’s sail up the Hudson River in 1609!

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