Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beczak's New Residents

If you recently visited Beczak, you may have met the newest additions to our aquaria collection: 3 red-eared sliders. Compared to Gloria, our snapping turtle, these sliders are very docile. In fact, they are easy to handle and won’t try to bite your finger off!

Red-eared sliders live in fresh water, meaning they would not be found in the brackish Hudson River water here in Yonkers. While sliders like to spend most of their time wading, they also enjoy basking in the sun. When it is time for dinner, I feed them a balanced diet of yummy fish, veggies, and reptile pellets.
Many visitors wonder if our sliders are males or females. Here are two clues I tell them to look for. Once the turtles mature, the females will be larger than the males. Yet, males have much longer nails on their claws. This is an adaptation which is used during mating. The males will wave their long nails in front of the females as a way to get their attention. Now that you know how to tell the difference between male and female sliders, stop by Beczak and help us name our new residents!

Jason Muller
Educator/Technology Specialist